Wattle & Daub Scented Candles

Wattle & Daub Scented Candles


Our scented candles are all handmade in England, carefully created by talented artisans to offer a perfectly balanced aroma and optimal scent diffusion.  Available in Sandalwood & Cedar,  Lemongrass & Verbena, Fig & Walnut, Pomegranate, and Fig & Ginger.

Sandalwood & Cedar - Indian Sandalwood with a delicate heart of hibiscus & rose on an almond & cedar base. Soothing, seductive & full of ambience.

Lemongrass & Verbena - Bright citrus notes with soft verbena. Blended with notes of melon, rose and jasmine. Fresh, vibrant and uplifting.

Fig & Walnut - Soft green fig notes with crisp walnut, almond and amber on a woody base. Warm, comforting and deliciously mellow.

Pomegranate - With notes of orange, cassis and patchouli. Cheerful, bright and subtly sweet.

Fig & Ginger - Wild Hispanic green fig with notes of aromatic ginger and a fresh citrus accord on a warm woody musky base.

Fill Weight: 200g

Size: 97mm x 85mm x 102mm

Burn Time: Approx. 40 Hours


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