Hydrangea Soft Pink/Green

Hydrangea Soft Pink/Green


Our faux hydrangeas are always a bestseller.  You can either have a bunch on their own cut down and used in a low level vase for a main table or side board arrangement, alternatively create height and combine them with other large blooms such as dahlias or alliums in similar subtle tones.  

Height: 76cm

We take great care in searching out the best artificial stems and botanicals available, only sourcing what we have seen for ourselves, to curate a collection of the highest quality which reflects the different styles available and the seasons as they change.  We encourage you to get creative with your faux stems, ensuring that you consider the vase as well as the stem to show them off at their absolute best.    For a unique look combine with dried and fresh stems.  Last but not least, the vase you choose to fill will pretty much dictate the shape of the arrangement, so consider this in your purchasing of stems i.e. do you need height for your hallway or a fuller lower arrangement for the dining table - see where we are going with this? To care for your faux flowers, do try where possible to keep them out of direct sunlight, give them an occasional dusting or a blast with the hairdryer on a low heat and do not forget to mix them up and move them around the house.  We are here to help, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  

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