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Join us for workshops in our Tudor Lounge, a rustic space steeped in history, where creatives, entrepreneurs and locals gather to learn, laugh and create.   Our workshops include pottery, wreath making, calligraphy, paper cutting, floral head-crowns, mindfulness, creative writing and lots more.  A little community is forming, please join us on this journey. 

We would love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate with us.  


Every Thursday we open up our workshop room to become a co-working space, not for profit. A space where you can bring your laptop and notebook and work with others. Our co-working Thursdays are for all those individuals that would like a little company while they work, plus to have the opportunity to share their ideas, or seek collaboration opportunities. We hope that by bringing like-minded people together who experience common ground in business, there will be an opportunity for mentoring, skill swapping and just general chit-chat, plus even some new friendships may be formed too. We will also aim to run short business workshops and talks throughout 2019.

About Us

We create, source and salvage thoughtful and considered products for life and the home for folks to share with others or as a keepsake to add to the story. We help those setting out on interior projects to bring their ideas to life and through our workshops, we encourage a creative community where entrepreneurs, locals and creatives gather to learn, laugh and make.

Our products reflect a passion to combine the curious and the charming to create a home less ordinary. From ceramics, glassware and handmade jewellery to textiles and furniture combined with one-off vintage finds. set amongst a striking collection of faux flowers.


A few of our Favourite Things


Velvet Scarves

I discovered these exquisite super soft long velvet scarves by Monk & Anna during a trip to Paris in 2019. In a world with already so many beautiful things, they simply just make products they love. Teamed with English Mint Dark Chocolate and Botanical Notebooks. Available in-store only.


Faux Flowers

I travel to Paris and Amsterdam to source our collection of faux flowers in beautiful muted colours.

Often, the variety of flowers we choose to combine wouldn’t ordinarily be in season together, but the different textures and styles can add such impact to your interior space.


Vintage & Salvaged

I am always searching for vintage pieces. I love to hunt and gather those pieces that have been discarded by others, ready for someone else to love. By mixing old and new, you can create a beautiful story within your home that has character.