Marseille Soap (Natural)

Marseille Soap (Natural)


This cube-shaped Marseille soap is artisanally made in Provence, using the traditional technique and recipe of Marseille. It means that it is cooked in cauldrons, from vegetable oils - no colouring, no artificial fragrance, no synthetic products. A recipe that is 200 years old.

The soap has the wonderful smell of traditional Marseille soap. It is stamped on all sides. With its soft natural colour, it will also make a beautiful decorative item in your kitchen or in your bathroom.

Marseille soap is a true multi-purpose helper, this one in natural colour, is the one to be used for laundry care and home cleaning. Especially recommended to clean the clothing of allergic persons and babies, as it doesn't contain any allergens. With a cube of Marseille soap, you can keep your home fresh and clean for little money and without any use of chemicals. 

This is an artisanal product, made in small batches.

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