Handmade Liquid Hand Soap

Handmade Liquid Hand Soap


This beautiful liquid soap handmade using all the natural goodness of pure vegetal soap with no added coloring. Made with coconut oil, it cleanses the skin gently and nourishes it. 

Made in Provence, cooked in a cauldron according to the antique Marseille recipe.

Delicately perfumed with the amber scent "Les Grandes Vacances", a childhood memory interpreted as a scent.

Scent No. 1 : Amber, Les Grandes Vacances, A warm scent reminiscent of long summer holidays spent at the beach somewhere between Saint Tropez and Hyères.  A sunny and rich, powdery amber scent, with a hint of vanilla and lemon, very mediterranean. 

Scent No. 2 :  Linen, ("Matin de Printemps") is a fresh scent that reminds of clothes drying in the sun on a beautiful Spring day. A crisp and gentle scent, that makes you feel balanced and serene. With hints of lavender and musk. 

Scent No. 3: Grapefruit, Jardin d'Agrumes is a delicious scent of grapefruit with a hint of lemon and may remind you of a stroll through a Mediterranean garden of citrus trees. It is uplifting and energizing.

No parabens, no silicons, no mineral oil, no artificial colouring, no sulphates (SLS), no phthalates. 

250ml glass bottle.

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