Ibo Earings

Ibo Earings


Boho Ibo Earrings handmade with 100% brass with black glass crystals.  Each piece is unique.  Soul Design is a bespoke range of jewellery, ethically handmade in Africa.  Created by designer Abi James as a result of her travels around the continent.

Size: Length 50 x Width 30mm (with hoop earring fitting)
Material: 100% brass; glass crystals/semi precious stone clusters

Due to the handmade nature of our jewellery, all colours and sizes may vary slightly.. Please allow for small variances in size and colour. 

Caring for your Jewellery.  Brass is an alloy made by combining copper and zinc.Brass will naturally tarnish with wear to a deep golden brown creating a vintage look, however if you would prefer to keep your brass jewellery shiny and a bright gold colour, give your piece an occasional rub with Brasso or an alternative Brass cleaner and buff polish with a soft clean cloth.  As with any type of costume jewellery, always take it off before going to bed, bathing or swimming.  Keep your Brass jewellery safely stored away from strong light. A little plastic bag or jewellery box is ideal, as well as keeping your item safe from damage, it also helps to slow down the natural oxidization process.

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