Feel Good Bag

Feel Good Bag


The Tinne & Mia 'Feel Good Bag' does exactly that.  It makes you feel good.   A best seller at Wattle & Daub, we absolutely adore these bags, as do our customers.  

This gorgeously stylish flexible bag wears like a garment, either used as a shopper or as an everyday bag - it can literally carry the kitchen sink, we can vouch for that!  

Made of a Vegan PU leather (a man-made fibre) that feels like soft leather with a beautiful matching lining, making a brilliant present for friends who choose not to wear leather. Packed in a matching case, with a gold ring tab zipper, handy as a bag-in-the-bag or as an everyday bag as you go about your day.  Tinne and Mia, the designers find inspiration from all directions: fashion, cities, traveling, poetry, photography, music and architecture. They describe the style of Tinne+Mia as: 'French joie de vivre - classic, yet cheeky - with a Scandinavian twist. Refined in colour and imagery. Classic and stylish. Feminine.’

Available in Rose Dust, Chinese Blue, `Perfo Black

Size - bag: 43 x 36 cm, pouch: 16 x 25 cm

Material Outside: smooth synthetic fibre, Inside: nylon, both inside and outside are water resistant.

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