Join us for workshops in our Tudor Lounge, a rustic space steeped in history, where creatives, entrepreneurs and locals gather to learn, laugh and create.   Our workshops include pottery, wreath making, calligraphy, macrame´, paper cutting, floral head-crowns, mindfulness, creative writing and lots more.  A little community is forming, please join us on this journey. 

We would love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate with us.  

Creative Services

As part of our offerings, we have developed a suite of creative services, using the skills and knowledge acquired over many years and further developed through the journey of owning a Bricks & Mortar shop. We are so very excited to launch these services which are so closely aligned to the beautiful space we have created in Church Street.

Thursday Meet-ups

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, during 10:30am-12:30pm, we open up our Tudor lounge space for meet-ups between small businesses.

As a creative, a freelancer or someone running an independent business you will spend a lot of time working on your own. This Thursday meet-up is for all those individuals that would like to connect with other small businesses, with the opportunity to share ideas, seek collaboration opportunities, ask questions. or to simply connect.

We hope that by bringing like-minded people together who experience common ground in business, there will be an opportunity for mentoring, skill swapping and just general chit-chat, plus even some new friendships may be formed too.

Stay for as little or as long as you would like.

We also really interested in hearing from people who would like to give talks on any subject relating to this topic, whether it is simply their own personal story or a specific topic that could be helpful for others to hear about.

About Wattle & Daub

We create, source and salvage thoughtful and considered products for life and the home, for folks to share with others or as a keepsake to add to the story. We help those setting out on interior projects to bring their ideas to life and, through our workshops, we encourage a creative community where entrepreneurs, locals and creatives gather to learn, laugh and make.

Our products reflect a passion to combine the curious and the charming to create a home less ordinary. From ceramics, glassware and handmade jewellery to textiles and furniture combined with one-off vintage finds. set amongst a striking collection of dried and faux flowers.


A few of our Favourite Things


Our love for the colour green

Green is definitely one of my favourite colours. I use it a lot in the house, and it always features in the shop too, whether that be through plants, (fresh and faux), beautiful hand-blown glass, or ceramics. In this image I have teamed some splashes of green with our amazing Le Secret candles and hand-wash.



What can I say, I love pottery. Wattle & Daub has an array of beautiful pieces in the shop. A number of wonderful independent makers creating individual and unique pieces for the home. Featured in this pic is Moss Stitch pottery which we were lucky enough to showcase in our pop-up that took place in July.


Vintage & Salvaged

I am always searching for vintage pieces. I love to hunt and gather those pieces that have been discarded by others, ready for someone else to love. By mixing old and new, you can create a beautiful story within your home that has real character.